SmartRIA CEO Update on COVID-19

SmartRIA Update - COVID-19

Hello, friends. I hope this coronavirus update from SmartRIA finds you healthy and safe at home.

I’m writing to let you know a few things about how SmartRIA is handling coronavirus, how our situation might affect our customers, and in general, to share our thoughts at this difficult moment for everyone.

First: as of last week, the SmartRIA team is working from home to do our own small part to help stop the spread of coronavirus. We’re still on the ball, answering your sales and customer service inquiries, and continuously improving our software. Hopefully, you’ll never know we’re not in our offices.

We’re concerned about our families, our parents, our friends with existing health problems – just like everyone else. But we’re also concerned that your experience with us remains a good one. If you can’t reach us by phone, please be sure to reach out via email or through our live app support.

I don’t know if it’s possible for anything having to do with compliance to be a bright spot in your life but it’s always our goal to make our customers’ lives better, and we hope staying reliable and easy to use will be a small kindness we can offer to our customers.

In closing, if you need us, if we can help, if you just want to commiserate with being shut-in, let us know. We’re still here, doing our jobs and our level best to continue being a great vendor for you.

Sincerely yours,

Mac and the truly fantastic team he gets to work with every day.

Mac Bartine, CEO

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