Built to demonstrate that Requirements of the SEC's Impending Cybersecurity Rule are being met, Smartria's new cybersecurity focus reduces risk for your firm and investment clientele


Protect your firm and your clients from cybersecurity risks with Smartria’s comprehensive solution, powered by CybersecureRIA.

Stay Ahead of the SEC’s New Regulations

Cybersecurity Focus is built to meet the demands of the SEC’s new cybersecurity rule.

In partnership with CybersecureRIA, Smartria developed a holistic cybersecurity solution to help advisors not only protect their clients and their firms, but also to mirror the SEC’s cybersecurity regulations to ensure compliance.

Cybersecurity Focus Capabilities

built for one purpose: keeping your firm in cybersecurity compliance

Pre-designed templates are meticulously aligned with regulatory standards, ensuring a solid foundation for compliant operations.

Compliance Workflows

Streamlined workflows facilitate adherence to updated cybersecurity policies and procedures, minimizing administrative overhead.

Cybersecurity Training and Phishing Tests

Interactive training modules and real-world simulation tests, bolstered by compliance documentation, fortify staff readiness.

Vendor Due Diligence

A systematic approach to evaluating and monitoring third-party vendors safeguards sensitive data.

Employee Data Access and Incident Reporting

Manage employee access, bolster incident reporting mechanisms, and facilitate swift responses to potential threats.

IT, Device, and Cloud Surveillance and Reporting

Comprehensive surveillance of IT infrastructure, devices, and cloud systems, coupled with detailed reporting, offers complete visibility.

Choose the Right Cybersecurity Solution for Your Firm

You can purchase Cybersecurity Focus as a full package for up to 5 employees, and Enterprise pricing is also available. 

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