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Together, the Companies Offer the Leading Integrated Compliance Program Management
 and Communications Supervision Platforms for RIA Firms

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. and AUSTIN, TexasJuly 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Smartria, a leading provider of regulatory compliance software, and MirrorWeb, a leader in the digital archiving and supervision space, today announced that they have combined forces to deliver an integrated compliance solution for registered investment advisors (RIAs). The solution allows customers of both companies to connect their accounts and seamlessly manage their compliance programs, including regulatory filings, marketing reviews, and communications supervision, including but not limited to email, websites, social media and mobile communications.

“Smartria believes deeply in our Software as a Partnership® model, and our new relationship with MirrorWeb allows us to deliver a best-in-class digital archiving solution via our integrated platforms,” said Patrick Hunt, CEO of Smartria. “David Clee and his team offer a modern, user-friendly experience for managing all of RIA’s communications supervision needs, and we look forward to deepening our integration over time.”

Smartria partners with many of the leading RIA compliance consultants and a wide variety of wealth tech companies, including but not limited to CRMs, wealth management solutions, risk management platforms, and financial data providers. MirrorWeb–which offers the full range of supervision services for websites, social media, mobile messaging platforms, email, and more–is Smartria’s only current archiving and supervision partner.

“Capturing and monitoring advisors’ communications is a critical component of a financial advisor’s compliance posture, but not the complete picture,” said Clee, CEO of MirrorWeb. “We’re excited to offer Smartria’s clients an exhaustive communications supervision solution which evolves with demand. Similarly, we’re eager to give our customers access to Smartria’s compliance management, trade monitoring, advertising review, and other solutions.”

The Smartria-MirrorWeb integration is available immediately. Anyone interested in learning more can visit Smartria’s website to schedule an appointment with a representative.

About Smartria

Smartria is a leading compliance software platform for RIAs, hybrid RIAs, RIA networks, and RIA compliance consultants. The firm’s software excels at making the complex and often frustrating world of regulatory compliance simple to manage and easy to understand. Smartria’s unique roles for compliance consultants and distributed management of large corporations make its solution able to handle any compliance problem for any sized company.

For more information on Smartria, please visit www.smart-ria.com, and follow us on LinkedInFacebook, and X.

About MirrorWeb

MirrorWeb helps organizations meet their compliance and digital preservation needs faster and more easily than ever before. It provides a unified communications supervision solution for firms in the financial services sector, from those just registering with the SEC to the world’s largest global asset managers.

For more information on MirrorWeb, please visit www.mirrorweb.com, and follow us on LinkedIn. 

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