Roger Kiger

Roger KigerSmartRIA’s founder Roger Kiger was featured today in an interview on Financial Advisor Magazine’s blog. The interview explores how Mr. Kiger went from principal of a wealth management firm to a technology entrepreneur by creating RIA compliance software to manage his firm’s needs.

Read the interview here: “Born Out Of Necessity” by Bill Hortz

The story follows the progression of SmartRIA from being an internal solution used by Roger’s firm in 2010, to his first his firm’s first auditor encouraging him to make the software into a product offered to the market, to balancing tech entrepreneurship with managing an SEC-registered RIA in today’s environment.

Speaking on behalf of the entire team, I must say that SmartRIA is incredibly lucky to have a founder who understands our industry so well, which has helped us staying focused on solving real problems in the RIA industry rather than imagined ones made up by a bunch of coders.

We truly are a software solution made by an RIA, for RIAs, and this interview tells the story of how an RIA software company comes into existence to solve industry-wide problems effecting every firm.

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