SmartRIA’s development team has been working for months on refreshing the look and feel of our software. These changes make using the software a more pleasant experience, and the branding is also more in line with the company’s public website. While the changes are only “skin deep,” there are some big ideas that went into this latest update.

Herb Himes, SmartRIA’s interface and experience design lead for the project, offered some details on what’s new:

  • Look and feel – Our fonts got bigger, and the typeface is consistent. You’ll find the buttons are a bit easier to click on as well. Customers will see more commonality from one page to the next as they work through the software. New locked footers and headers across the platform make navigation and saving work easier.

    A snapshot of SmartRIA’s new look.
  • Mobile experience – We’ve made adjustments that improve how our software works on tablets and smartphones. This helps those who like the flexibility of working from different devices when they’re on the go. Compliance officers will see a benefit as their teams have more options for uploading and tracking their information.
  • What stays the same – Pretty much anyone who uses our software will be able to use SmartRIA exactly as they had before.

The goals of this update are to make the application more visually appealing, easier to use, and allow you to quickly discern the information you need most. This is the first release of several that will improve upon these components. Future releases will focus on specific workflows and allow you to perform your work more quickly and easily.

As a company that is obsessed with continuous improvement and ease of use of our software, we’re constantly working to improve our customers’ experience, so we’re sure you’re used to seeing changes to the software. We believe this update in particular is a really cool one, and we’re proud of it.

These first look and feel changes will add up to a big difference as we roll out more improvements in this area. 

SmartRIA’s mission to be the best at what we do also means we are eager to listen to customer feedback. So if you have questions or comments about our new user experience or any other aspect of our software, please reach out to us anytime. Also, if you’re new to SmartRIA, book a demo with us to learn more about how we can make RIA compliance easy.

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