What this industry clearly needs is a compliance hero. Let me explain…

Opportunities for growth are reaching new heights, and the crucial role of compliance has taken center stage, as we heard from many conversations at the recent T3 Conference. With a projected 13% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) over the next few years, WealthTech is, once again, on the brink of explosion. And something that’s bound to be a substantial part of that growth is compliance.  

The Need for Scalable Compliance Solutions

Advisors are seeking a solution that offers freedom and flexibility without the constraints of an intrusive ‘big brother’ or the financial burden of compliance consultant teams. For decades, scalable compliance solutions were simply not the priority. That shifted with the 2010 DOL crackdown on all things financial, laying bare a gap in the market. As advisors increasingly gravitate towards independence, existing compliance options appear outdated, highlighting the industry’s pressing need for innovative solutions.

Advisors Seeking a More Independent Place in the Industry

Whether at an IBD, a large RIA, or going completely independent, the compliance options continue to leave advisors high and dry. That’s why we created Smartria in 2016. Our goal was to redefine compliance for advisors. The Smartria Pro™ platform, designed to provide a seamless experience, empowers advisors to concentrate on their core business activities while easily navigating compliance complexities. The platform acknowledges the evolving landscape and seeks to equip advisors with cutting-edge tools and technology that align with the industry’s growing demand for efficiency, effectiveness, and interoperability.

A Focus on Tech Security

Security takes precedence at Smartria. In an era where vendor diligence and cybersecurity are non-negotiable, the platform offers a secure fortress for advisors, including meticulous care and integrity in handling data. The team continuously refines security processes, ensuring data remains impervious to threats. Leveraging Drata’s automation platform for real-time visibility, security controls are monitored and maintained across various levels.

Engaging in annual SOC 2 audits, Smartria Pro™ attains the highest standards of security and compliance. It’s hosted on AWS with infrastructure that underscores dedication to providing a secure environment. Data security is multi-faceted, encrypting data from end to end and maintaining meticulous encryption and key management at rest. Smartria’s proactive approach includes 2-factor authentication and secure password policies, empowering users to actively contribute to data security. In the rare event of a compromise, clients are notified immediately, maintaining an unblemished record in data security.

Charting the Course for Uninhibited Growth

Being an independent RIA allows you to chart your own course and be your own boss. Free from corporate structure and barriers, you make your own decisions, and that includes the tech you use to drive your business.  That’s when streamlined, secure compliance steps in as the hero — and let you focus on what you need to do to grow your business

Smartria’s commitment to providing innovative and secure compliance solutions helps unlock the path to unlimited growth, and conversations at T3 highlight the shifting dynamics within the industry and the indispensable role compliance plays in steering it toward success. For advisors poised to embrace the future of compliance and unlock their business’s true potential, Smartria has the solution. 

Just like the compliance heroes we heard about at T3, Smartria isn’t afraid to tackle complex challenges and forge a new path. Download our 2024 compliance calendar and join us on your journey to uninhibited growth.

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