SmartRIA Risk Alert
SEC Risk Alert Gives Advice to Private Fund Advisers

On June 23, 2020, the SEC published a Risk Alert, which summarized compliance issues discovered during hundreds of examinations of investment advisers that manage private equity funds or hedge funds. Examiners from the SEC’s Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations (OCIE) made a number of observations that can help private fund advisers to revise and […]

SmartRIA CEO Update on COVID-19
Coronavirus Update

Hello, friends. I hope this coronavirus update from SmartRIA finds you healthy and safe at home. I’m writing to let you know a few things about how SmartRIA is handling coronavirus, how our situation might affect our customers, and in general, to share our thoughts at this difficult moment for everyone. First: as of last […]

guide to ria compliance
The Complete Guide to RIA Compliance

As a registered investment advisor, whether new or well-established, you probably hear the word “compliance” on a daily basis. But what’s the best way to maintain compliance, why should you even bother with it (okay, yes you probably already know that one), and where did it originate? These are all great questions, and lucky for […]

Cybersecurity & You: The Care and Keeping of your Cyber Compliance 

Physical robberies of financial institutions are becoming less common, but cyber attacks are only getting more common. Today, everyone understands that protecting your clients and company is paramount to staying in any financial services game. However, most decision makers of financial institutions don’t know where to start. Fortunately, the SEC has given some guidelines on […]

SmartRIA Acquires Greytwist Data Governance Solution

  The data governance platform will be integrated into SmartRIA’s compliance management solution platform to better support customers’ needs. Knoxville, TN, Sept. 9, 2019: SmartRIA and Greytwist have announced today the acquisition by SmartRIA of Greytwist Data Governance, a solution for vendor due diligence and management, personally identifiable information (PII) data governance and cybersecurity policy […]

RIA Compliance 101
RIA Compliance 101

Being a registered investment advisor isn’t easy. You may have chosen this profession because you have great business and investment sense, a drive to help others manage their wealth, and a desire to build a solid financial foundation of your own. But working in this industry also requires strict adherence to a slew of complex […]

How to Hire a CCO to Manage RIA Compliance
SEC Issues Risk Alert Dealing with Regulation S-P Privacy Notices & Safeguard Policies

  On April 16, 2019, the SEC’s Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations (OCIE) published a Risk Alert dealing with Regulation S-P, which is the Commission’s primary rule governing privacy notices and the safeguarding policies of Registered Investment Advisers (RIAs), as well as broker-dealers. The Risk Alert guidance is derived from recent examinations of RIAs […]


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